I'm Ayberk Aksu and after experiencing a noteworthy internship in UX Design for 7 months, I have recently graduated from Loughborough University’s postgraduate UX program. Having two UX awards alongside having multiple design appearances in press and exhibitions, I specialize in UX and Interaction Design; with a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS.

I have become a multidisciplinary designer throughout my life by experiencing a diverse team environment many times and being highly capable of perceiving analytical, technical issues; by learning and adapting quickly.

Being highly emphatic allows me to understand the users better. Being competent in all aspects of a design process and with a strong foundation in UX; my ultimate aim is to make a difference through UX under the themes of innovation, future, and digital world.


Is That All?

Let's go off topic a bit. Besides UX Design, I also have two passions: Photography and Backpacking.



Being a backpacker and an adventurer, I have travelled more than 20 countries. My backpacking passion also comes from my ultimate wish of leaving my comfort zone. With traveling; I explore new places, see new cultures, observe people, observe everything. Traveling is not just seeing new countries for me; it is experiencing and living that culture. I have dozens of international friends around the world.

My travels have also strengthened my international identity. Further, being a curious traveller enabled me to develop a broader view of the world; this view allowed me to become a better designer in every way.

Countries I've seen